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I used to have severe infection on my left ear, so that I've been looking for something as a substitution after the recovery, thanks god I found you on Tiktok, thanks luxefermoir. 🙏
it looks exactly like the picture, not painful at all and hold on very stably.
I'm incredibly impressed by the quality of these earrings. Despite being magnetic, they never fall off and their shine is simply stunning. It's a perfect mix of comfort and luxury.
As someone with sensitive skin, these earrings are a dream come true. I love that they're magnetic - no irritation, just pure elegance.
These earrings are so easy to wear, yet they stay secure all day. And the sparkle! They add a glamorous touch to any outfit. I'll definitely be buying more.

Gifts for him

In every piece from LuxeFermoir, there's a silent ode to his strength, his quirks, his stories. Gifting him isn't just about a present, but cherishing those shared adventures, the shared silences, and dreams whispered under the stars. With each wear, he's reminded of bonds unbroken, love unspoken. Let our collection become your shared memory.

Gifts for her

Gifts hold stories, memories, and whispers of affection. Every piece from LuxeFermoir isn't just an accessory, but a reflection of shared laughter, lingering glances, and unspoken promises. As she wears it, she'll feel every heartbeat, every shared secret. For the moments that words can't capture, let our collection speak your heart's language.

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