Non-piercing earrings have become increasingly popular for their versatility and ease of wear. Whether you're a fan of clip-ons like the LuxeFermoir Lunar Clip-on Earrings, magnetic earrings such as the Magnetic Diamond Stud Earrings, or ear cuffs like the The Stargazer Silver Ear Cuffs, it's essential to care for them properly to ensure they maintain their beauty and integrity. Here are some invaluable tips for keeping your non-piercing earrings in pristine condition:


1. Beware of Chemicals: Chemical substances such as perfumes, chlorine from swimming pools, and salt from seawater can all damage the coating of your non-piercing earrings. Before bathing or swimming, be sure to remove all your accessories to prevent any potential damage.

 2. Handle with Care: Non-piercing earrings, just like any other jewelry, are susceptible to scratches from collisions. Opt for keeping them in their original packaging or our luxefermoir dust bag with individual compartments to prevent surface scratches.

 3. Routine Cleaning: To maintain the sparkle of your non-piercing earrings, make sure to clean them regularly. Use a soft, fine-bristled brush to gently remove any surface stains.

4. Protective Coating: Consider applying a thin layer of transparent nail polish to the metal surface of your non-piercing earrings. This extra layer can help prevent direct contact with air, extending the wear time of your jewelry. By following these simple yet effective care and maintenance tips, you can ensure that your non-piercing earrings remain beautiful and wearable for years to come. Enjoy expressing your style without the worry of damaging your favorite accessories!


Written by LuxeFermoir Admin
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