Titanium Steel Magnetic Earrings Stud

LuxeFermoir Pierce-Free
✓ Magnetic 
✓ Made of Titanium steel
Avoid Piercing Infections
✓ Hypoallergenic 
✓ Perfect for Occasional Use
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Materials: Stainless Steel

Measurements: 8mm / 10mm

Closure: Magnetic snap-on

Recommendation: For optimal comfort, we recommend wearing for a duration of 4-6 hours. Enjoy your cozy wear experience!


   Introducing our Titanium Steel Magnetic Earrings Studs, the epitome of sleek style. Made from robust titanium steel, they ensure durability and long-lasting shine. Enjoy the beauty of studs without the commitment of a piercing. Hypoallergenic properties mean they're gentle on the skin. Perfect for spontaneous style switch-ups, they're a must-have in every jewelry collection.